Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spontaneity is Like Vitamins

Spontaneity is good for you. Its like vitamins. Or V8. One of the two. I have never been a particularly spontaneous person. I'm entirely too insecure and plan-oriented for that. Until recently. The past few months I have changed to the extent of hardly being able to recognize myself at times. I find myself going on adventures that I never would have expected. Saying things out of character. Becoming even more opinionated than I used to be (I know... how is that even possible??). And suddenly significantly more spontaneous than previously. I cannot even give you an example of said spontaneity... Which probably means that I have not had the resources to take advantage of my whims. Whims that my desire to partake in seems to have exponentially grown to the point that I may do something completely crazy and out of character one of these days. Like pick up and take off to Africa out of the blue and eat scorpion kabobs or something. Perhaps my dislike of my current situation has finally gotten to the point where I'm snapping and thus willing to do something totally nuts. Who knows. I certainly don't.

However, I have decided to just go along with this new crazy me. I'm sure it will be an interesting ride and I will do some crazy, spontaneous things. Maybe I should dye my hair pink and purple today. That would be spontaneous.


tranceasleep said...

If you dye your hair pink and purple... I will be the most jealous little gal in the world. Delia's prohibits funky colours. :(

Spontaneity is fabulous! Go along with it :)

Becca Joy said...

Next time you're standing next to an obnoxious kid... punch him instead of resisting that urge! THAT would be spontaneous, and may very well get you killed. At least you'd live a little.

Mama Janna said...

So is this about when you decided to spontaneously go to Canada, but it didn't work out?