Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Have a Puppy Demon

I believe that I've run into a problem. I want a dog. Not like "awww, puppy dogs are so cute and they might be fun to have around." No, like "I WANT A PUPPY DOG AND I WANT IT NOW!!" Sounds a little desperate, right?

Now, first, I feel I must remind all of you that I do love my cat dearly. I wouldn't trade her for the world. Well, unless the world was made of alot of chocolate and maybe french fries. I might consider it then. But, seriously, she's momma's little angel face and I love her dearly. Its just.... well.... I can't take her out with me. My bonding time with Bella is restricted to the hours I spend at home. I can't take her out on a walk. I can't bring her with me to my families houses (although, they may not be too keen on the idea after all). I could do all those things with a puppy.

I think a large part of the problem is that little Miss Independent herself is starting to get lonely living alone. Its not really even a loneliness that I necessarily recognize on the surface. Its more of an underlying I-don't-really-know-its-there-unless-I-pay-really-close-attention kind of loneliness. Maybe I'm trying to fill the husband/children void with a dog. I don't know. Maybe I just desperately need something to change in my life, so I want a dog. Or maybe I need to feel like someone is relying on me, so I want a dog (what is it with us women, anyway? Always needing to be needed!)

I have yet to decide if I'm going to cave to my nearly irresistible urge for a small ball of cuteness. I have found some absolutely 100% I-may-not-be-able-to-control-myself cuteness on and am about to jump in my car right now and drive to Langhorne to pick up a long haired dachshund named Winston. First, he's a doxie, my absolute favey. Second, he's long haired and that's just too cute. Third, his name is Winston. That just rings with so much class and style. I need a classy dog. And Winston is begging for me to come and take him home with me. "He wants to come HOOOOOOME with me!!! The puppises the doggises!!!" (sorry, inside joke for those of you now twisting your faces in confusion and shaking your heads) AAAAAHHHH!!!!! I really don't have the time or the energy or the yard space (although that last one isn't entire true) for a dog. I work. I want to travel. Although.... I do have a friend who volunteered to watch said puppy if I'm ever out of the country.... Yes, in case you were wondering, I AM trying to talk myself into this. And out of it, all at the same time. *sigh* However, its late and I need to stop thinking about Winston and start dreaming about him while I'm sleeping.

The puppy is calling me... Can you hear him?!


Juli said...

i heard him and saw him! lol

Mama Janna said...

Wow that is fuuny I always wanted a puppy called Winston. Of course I wanted an English Bulldog who would look throughly English and make me want to squeeze him so there is that difference to you tiny purse dog that you want.

Rach said...

YES! Get him! It's as though he is destined to be yours!!!