Thursday, March 19, 2009

Officer Obnoxious

I have issues with people who feel that they have to assert their authority because... well, because they're probably inwardly insecure and need to show their power to reaffirm themselves. Ok, that may be a tad harsh. I had a trade show event at the local community college today. My company is a technology company and therefore, when we do these types of events, we bring approximately 2 full carloads of equipment. This does not lead to very easy loading and unloading experiences. At all. Thankfully, the unload process yesterday was fairly simple, with ample places to park while unloading. Due to the crowds at the event... reloading everything back up.... Not so easy. At all.

Since no curb space was available, I did what several other people did as well. Park in a handicap stop with my 4-ways on. I mean, seriously, one would think that considering there was an event going on where people needed to load their cars up that campus security would be a bit lenient. But, clearly, I forgot that I was at my alma mater with the uptight, slightly obnoxious campus security staff.

After a pretty hefty loading of tons of equipment onto a dolly, I venture back out to my car. I may have been gone about 20 minutes. I get back out and as I'm nearly my vehicle I notice the security officer stepping out of his. I swear to you, his pencil hadn't even touched the paper before I said, "Are you really going to ticket me when I'm right here?!" His reply was, "well, this is a handicap spot. You don't have a placard." No... Really?! I hadn't noticed! (I managed to refrain from saying that. When my feet hurt from standing all day... I get kind of cranky) I quickly explained that we had tons of equipment to load and my car had been parked all the way across the lot and there no other spots available when I had pulled around. I also mentioned the 5 other cars without placards that had been parked there as well. His response: "Well, someone complained. And when someone complains we have to take action." Mind you, there was a haughty looking fellow standing right there watching this, arms crossed and a superior expression on his face. He walked away right then after I shot him what couldn't have been a very nice look. I tried to reason with the guy (who STILL hadn't started writing the ticket), and he only responded with (this one is my favorite!) "well.... (he said that alot).... if you can afford a car like this, I think you can afford a $25 ticket." Oh. My. Gosh. I wonder what my expression was! I quickly bit my tongue because I know what I wanted to say (it would not have been very Christ-like). It wasn't even the fact that he had just said that, it was the way he said it. I drive a Volkswagon! Not a BWM! ARGH! My blood was boiling by now, I wanted to give this dude a piece of my mind and possibly a good slap to the face. So Not. Cool.

He handed me the ticket and walked away. I purposefully left my car right where it was when I went to help my coworker load up his car. Perhaps a little obnoxious, but I felt justified after his unnecessary comments. Needless to say, I'm not a very happy camper. And also needless to say, his superior will be getting a phone call from me tomorrow. Fine, give me a ticket. Do not assert your authority with me in demeaning ways. It is not taken lightly.

Anyway, on that note, I'm going to go unwind and perhaps shed some of this crankiness that I'm feeling right now. And then maybe sleep. I like sleep.


Anonymous said...

I think the comment about your car is pretty ironic, given what trouble it has caused you! If he only knew!

Elissa Michelle said...

I... do not like policemen of any kind. They give stupid fines for stupid reasons. I got a ticket for running a yellow light.. How does that make sense?