Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where, oh where, has my motivation gone?

I really hate to admit it, but I think its time: I have an ever so slightly addictive personality. I mean, not addictive in things like substance abuse. I don't drink beer everyday or sneak cigarettes. No, this addiction is much less harmful on the physical side, but does perhaps have repercussions on other ends of my life. Such as, the productive side.

I've mentioned in the past my obsessive nature when it comes to fiction novels, which is why I tend to avoid them. It becomes an addiction. I should also avoid things like, oh, say the TV show "24" because I suddenly find myself watching multiple episodes every single freaking night instead of doing something productive. Like, cleaning. Or writing. Or making art with those records I purchased for that very reason. Or finally put together the mixed media piece that I bought canvases for 8 months ago. But, instead, here I sit. On episode number three for the evening. I did manage to work out a bit and do the dishes. When I left work, I had full intentions of starting to sift through all my junk in the basement in preparation for my upcoming move. Instead, I did nothing. Granted, I do have a pulled back so I can't be lifting or bending too much at the present moment. But still! Geez!

I seem to have lost my motivation for most things productive as of late. I can blame it on all sorts of things, but really, I am the culprit. Maybe I'm using all of my creative energy up at work. I think I really just need to get my patoot in gear.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The City or Something Just Like It

I get ashamed sometimes when I look back and realize how long its been since I've written. Sometimes I try to make myself feel better with the reminder that the better part of my work day is spent staring at words, so maybe it's ok if I slack a bit on my fun writing. But, really, its just inexcusable.

My last month has been filled with some pretty major life changes, not the least of which was a rather sudden decision to move. Signing another year-long lease in Philly wasn't exactly part of the plan, but, last I checked, life rarely goes as planned. So, really, I shouldn't be surprised. I discovered that my current lease, which I had originally been told when I moved in would go month-to-month after the initial lease expired, in fact would do the exact opposite. I would have to either sign a minimum 6 month lease or be out within 6 weeks.

Again, not part of the plan. My entire reason for staying in my suburb-y apartment in the 'Yunk was that my lease was going month-to-month. With it verbalized on no uncertain terms that this would not happen, the hunt began. I hate apartment hunting. I know that it should be exciting, the beginnings of a new adventure and whatnot. But it is stressful. Like, yikes! My lease discovery was made on a Friday. On Saturday, I looked at my first apartment in.... Rittenhouse Square. *sigh*

I love Rittenhouse Square. Sure, it might be a little hoity toity, but it's so pretty and fancy and close to all things city. My favorite restaurant is in Rittenhouse Square. There's a farmers market there every Saturday. It's within walking distance to all the good shopping. There's a Barnes and Nobles and Anthropologie right there. How can this possibly be bad?

A mere 6 days after my search began, I found my almost dream apartment on the prettiest street in center city. I say "almost" because the kitchen is teenser, the bathroom has pink tiles, and there is no washer and dryer. Yeah, my rent will be going up, and my overall cost of living is guaranteed to increase. But it's the city and I feel like for the first time in a very, very long time I'm doing what I want to do just because I can do it. To other people, it might not seem like the smartest decision, but at least I won't have regrets about not living in a downtown area. At least I'll look back one day and know that I made a decision for me for once.

I have a feeling that I'll be inspired just by being there. The excitement, the hustle and bustle, the controlled chaos... It's going to be good. Now, let the packing commence....