Saturday, February 7, 2009

Those Hillians Love Their Porkulus

And so, the Einsteins on the Hill have done it again. They've reached a new low of idiocy that I didn't think could exist. This whole "stimulus" plan has taken center stage in the news recently, and for good reason. It passed the House with out a single vote from any representative from the GOP. Thankfully. It is now stuck in the Senate, with quarrels and squabbles amongst both major parties. Why, you might ask? Allow me to enlighten you.

This "stimulus" plan (or "Porkulus" as it is being called) includes several (or tons) of very interesting line items of funding for special interest groups. This includes $200 MILLION to replace the sod on Washington Mall. Yes, my friends, it is true. Nancy Pelosi has deemed it necessary to spend $200 MILLION on mulch because it was trampled due to an expansive turnout for the inauguration. I'm sure that a few hundred mil on sod will really help stimulate the economy. And while we're at it, let throw a few hundred million in there to supply contraceptives. Oh, and a few more for Planned Parenthood. Because, clearly, with the downturn of the economy people simply can't afford to kill their babies anymore. Naturally, the government should step up to help them do that.

We are trillions of dollars in debt as of right now. Most people blame the Bush administration for that. Now, I know that he is far from innocent in helping to lead us into the greatest deficit we have ever know. But, let's look at this from a different angle. We have a democratically controlled Congress. Both the House and the Senate have been overrun by the Donkeys for the past few years. Congress has to approve ANY budgets that are proposed by the Presidential administration. So, what has happened these past few years with the budget proposals sent to Congress? They have been not only approved, but added to! People who pointed the finger at Bush for our deficit should perhaps review the situation and understand that it was the democratic Congress that is even more to blame.

So here we are, massively in debt. And our President and Congress are pushing to pass the most expensive bill ever, not to actually stimulate the economy, but to put money into the pockets of the special interest groups that Nancy Pelosi and other Hillians want to promote. Its awesome, isn't it? We are now at the lowest unemployment rate in 25 years, and its more important to put new sod on Washington Mall than it is to create new jobs and maybe put some money into the coffers of the American people. Absolutely unbelievable.

Also, whilst Congress is funding abortion, they are also looking to where they can cut expenditures elsewhere. Like national defense. While Obama had promised to increase the Army and Marine Corp numbers, its is being proposed to drop somewhere in the ballpark of $50 billion from the defense budget. Does this scare anyone else? Iran just put a satellite in space and is claiming breakthroughs in nuclear technology, and our defense budget is being cut. Awesome. Also, it is being researched to increase the price of insurance on military dependents. Mind you, the stimulus plan is looking to increase the insurance benefits to the unemployed with the price tag of $36 billion, which sounds great. Except that it runs the risk of actually increasing unemployment because people will be less likely to take a job if the government is already taking such good care of them. The welfare system is completely screwed up.

Anyway, maybe we should all write our Congressmen and beg them to not pass this special interest bill. If passed as is, it will not help the American people and could potentially make an already bad global economy much, much worse. Maybe they should take that $900 billion and put it into the hands of the people. Even the last bailout measure, if put into the hands of the people where it belonged, would have been a better idea. I think every American would have gotten something like $200,000. Want to stimulate the economy, oh thou Hillians? Maybe you should reconsider where that money is going....


Cody S. said...

I cant agree more on that last point...even $10,000 in the hand of every American would be immense...if the country is going into debt, shouldn't we at least get the people who keep the country going a LITTLE out of debt?

$200,000 in my pocket, and suddenly I'm debt free and INVESTING money. All of a sudden my local bank isn't hurting. Then again, I suppose I'd just be paying for some big-wigs multi-million dollar Caribbean cruise and buyout of another bank.

Oh wait...I forgot where we are... Whats history again? I'm not sure I see the point in learning from it...*rolls eyes*...

brianalight said...

I think you should go into politics, you got my vote!!

Faith said...

Sean said that he heard on NPR that they are going to withhold funding to institutions like colleges if they allow things like religious activity on their campuses. Nice, huh?

Also, I believe I may require medicinal attention if the government gives the porn industry a bailout. Please tell me when depression has ever led men to desire less sex? If anything, I believe it could be shown that depression and a poor ecomony can actually increase the number of sexual crimes committed, which of course are already fueled by the porn industry.

Okay. I'm done now.