Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Arrival

Wow, what a long day of traveling! I left my apartment yesterday morning at 7AM, with two very large bags in tow (mostly full of art and craft supplies that were donated for the school). My backpack was filled with other necessary items, including my laptop, camera, and whatever other important items that needed to come along.

My parents dropped me off at Philly airport at about 8:20AM, and I (thankfully) flew through check in and security, leaving me seated at my terminal at 8:40. Unbelievably fast! I can't say I had ever made it through security that quickly, and I was definitely not complaining that it left me with some time to hop online and watch the past week's episode of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. God bless free wifi:-)

I landed in Miami right on time for my connecting flight with no problems on the first leg of the trip. I then had 5.5 hours of... time.... To do nothing. I don't always do so well with being bored. There wasn't much to look at in the airport, so I spent a bunch of time texting and talking on the phone. Miami does not have free wifi, in case you wanted to know. Lame!!

I spend a good chunk of the time in prayer, just asking that God would prepare my heart for what I will see and experience here. I know that hearing the stories of the tragedy of this culture will be very difficult.

I've been fighting the beginning symptoms of a cold since Friday, which came to fruition during my long wait. Not cool. I'm on my way to a third world country, and I come down with a cold! I guess it will give me an even better perspective of how it is really is to live here.

My flight was delayed for over an hour in Miami and didn't get to Guatemala City until about 9:30CST. My first sight of Guatemala City was the golden arches of McDonalds! Nothing like familiar fast food to make you feel right at home:-) I was able to get through immigration and customs with no problems. I can't lie, it was a bit nerve wracking. I've never traveled internationally and the whole thing was an entirely new experience.

By the time Leah and Monica picked me up from the airport and we drove the 15 minutes back to Tita's house, I had my initiation into Guatemala.... my very first bug bite. Right on my face, too! I'm sure I'll get many more during the next week, so I was almost glad to get it over with right away.

I still haven't gotten to see much (the ride from the airport was about it so far), but today we are heading to La Antigua see the gorgeous sites of the ruins and to see the dormant volcanos. I'm so excited! I just really want to get immersed in the culture here and see as much as I can. I want to know how the people here live and the country they are surrounded by. I am certain that I will have an incredible experience here and I can't wait to get started. I know that God is working in my life already, and I simply cannot wait to see where this goes.

Buenas dias, mi amigos! I covet your prayers over the next week:-) I so very much just want my heart to be broken for these people and the children...