Friday, February 13, 2009

Last day in the good ol' States

So, tomorrow is the day. Finally. I've packed my bags (mostly) and am all set and ready for the big journey to the currently unexplored (to me) world of Guatemala. I can't lie... I'm pretty nervous. I've never traveled internationally before and I'm just not sure what to expect, how I'll react, and how my life will be changed. I know that I will never be the same after this experience. That is scary and exciting and uncertain, and a whole host of other emotions all at the same time. I covet your prayers and will be sure to keep you all abreast of my exciting adventures!

Hasta luego!


Mama Janna said...

Beth I will certainly pray, how long you gone for? Also a lot of topic, but I was just looking at your beautiful earings, and wanting a pair, but I do believe you said you wanted to go with me to get my ears pierced so alas I still have no holes in my ears, and I cannot wear your pretty earings :( I am making this face right now. I love you and be safe in Guatemala.