Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Tight and Uncomfortable Fitting Word

For those of you who don't know, I'm getting married in 111 days. Well, practically 110 days now. Which is insane. Seriously. I've been in/helped plan approximately 1 bazillion weddings. I have now been proposed to, bought my wedding dress, paid for my wedding dress, found a photographer, caterer, venue... You get the point. I am entrenched in all things wedding. And yet... I'm not sure it's quite sunk in yet. Probably just because of the weirdness of it. I'll be turning 29 a few weeks after the big day, and yet a (very) large part of me still feels like a little kid. I'm not entirely sure that I should be allowed to drive, let alone be responsible enough to have a family. But, alas and alack, we are very quickly and surely heading towards the big day.

Planning a wedding is fun. And by fun, I mean interesting. Or another word equally making-a-point and being slightly ambiguous at the same time. It is actually fun, don't get me wrong. There's the spending hours on wedding blogs and flipping through magazines and thinking of all the brilliant and unique ideas that you could do for your big day (ya know, the ones that you likely stole from someone else). Then there's the interesting parts. Like, really getting a taste for compromise for the first time.

Ah, compromise. Everyone's favorite word. I know it sure is mine. *Ahem* Compromise. I don't wear that word so well. It doesn't fit quite right. It's a bit tight and uncomfortable most of the times. Even with stupid things like, those adorable, brilliant and unique centerpiece ideas that you stole from someone else and your fiancee shot it down in 2.5 seconds flat. (How he could not think they were cute is beyond me...) Compromise.

The phrase "pick your battles" has been one that has come up a lot in conversation as of late. It's one that I'm sure I will continue to learn every day, and one that I will most likely continue to not enjoy. I don't do well with that tight and uncomfortable fitting word. I don't like to compromise. Probably because I've never really had to do it much and now I'm faced with planning a major event with someone else who doesn't always agree with me. Which, by the way, I simply do not understand. I mean, I'm always right. Always. (See my next blog about humility. Coming soon to a web browser near you.)

And yet, here I am. Picking my battles on silly, not-actually-important things that yet are still important somehow. I've been told that I care about everything. I'm pretty sure that statement is entirely accurate. Sure, the color napkins we pick it not actually important. And yet it still matters to me. So, here I am. Compromising. Just like a big girl who is responsible and mature. Whatever that crap is about.

I suppose that this is just one of those stupid life lessons that we all need to learn. Even if it is tight and uncomfortable.


keme said...

I love your writing! Good luck compromisin...I hope you won;)