Thursday, March 25, 2010

Caffeine- Friend or Foe?

I find it odd how us humans intentionally torture ourselves. We watch that movie, even when we know is going to make us cry. We read the news everyday, even when we know is going to make us angry. We run that extra half mile, even when we know our bodies will hate us the next day. I do something similar each and every day. I drink caffeine, even when I know that I'm going to have caffeine letdown. Perhaps I should get my sanity checked.

Caffeine letdown is serious. At least when you have a job that finds you sitting behind a desk each day, and not up and about and active. Its nothing short of a extra hand in the impending doom of sleepiness that occurs each day right around 1PM. My caffeine letdown also coincides with the post-lunch lethargy that is also inevitable. Its nearly cruel, really. Who in their right mind would do this to themselves on purpose? I suppose I never claimed to be intelligent, which is fortituous, considering the intended annoyance I put myself though on a daily basis.

Oh well. I suppose caffeine letdown is a small price to pay, when never waking up in the first place is the alternative. I guess I should learn how to sleep better, so that I can let go of my addiction at least a little bit.


Lauralei said...

It's funny that you write this. NC4 is doing this fasting a different thing each week for lent, and this week, fasting coffee fit the category. Day one and two were TERRIBLE. I had the worst headache ever. But day three was better. Day four was even better. And now that I'm on day five,'s making me think of why I would start drinking it again?

Mama Janna said...

Sounds terrible, I am so glad I don't drink coffee. Also that whole not being intelligent thing... It doesn't so much work when you have impeccable vocabulary and use words like fortuitous.